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Corvecto revolutionising training with VR

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Post by Jacques-Pierre Dumas on FutureFive NZ:

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet Henry Lane, Corvecto managing director.

Corvecto is a Kiwi startup that works with enterprise organisations of all sizes looking to protect themselves or grow their business through virtual and augmented reality.

Corvecto provides full-stack design and development services.

They distinguish themselves by leveraging half a decade of experience in creating virtual worlds for global entertainment brands and professional organisations.

Before this meeting, I thought of virtual reality as simply the newest fad in the entertainment industry, however, after an hour with Henry and his VR programs my mind was blown away at the potential of this technology.

After a quick chat about Corvecto, I jumped into the VR headset and experienced a series of simulations.

Three, in particular, stood out to me, the x-ray machine, commercial factory and virtual observatory.

The x-ray machine built with Virtual Medical Coaching put me in the shoes of a technician and I was tasked with taking an x-ray of a virtual patient’s foot.

The simulation was incredibly life-like and fully involved, I had to do everything from positioning the patient’s foot to operating the machinery.

I was completely taken back by the potential this technology has for education.

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