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EPIC origins

A little bit on the background of how our campus came to be.

Innovation is a major driver of economic growth in Canterbury, helping create high value jobs, pay for local services and raise our region’s quality of life. Innovation-based firms will be a crucial part of the region’s recovery from the earthquakes.


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From idea to execution: Chch innovation hub incubating success

In the centre of the Christchurch CBD, a building that began as a disaster recovery project has evolved into the city’s beating heart of technology innovation.

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Inside Epic - our own Silicon Valley

the Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus, open since November 2012. It’s the result of work by Christchurch tech entrepreneurs Wil McLellan and Colin Andersen and home to 19 innovative businesses. With a focus on a collaborative working environment and input from Google, it’s a project that stands out for more than its appearance.

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Christchurch EPIC innovation hub’s lease extended by seven years

Having hosted over 570 public events over the previous 5 years, catering to over 20,000 visitors, plans for the next seven years focus on EPIC remaining a fresh and enjoyable space for tenants and public alike.

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EPIC Innovation Christchurch

EPIC is an excellent example of a public-private partnership where local government, businesses and the Government have worked together to get things done.