27th October


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Tips for startups


Dopamine founder Jason Hreha recently published an article with the top four things that he wish he knew before starting his own company. Doing so is a complicated, terrifying and yet utterly rewarding experience.

For those of you who are running a startup or are thinking of going out on your own in the future,

here are four key things for you to think about:

1. Shoot, then aim

2. Read as much as possible

3. Get 8 hours sleep a night

4. Get the right people on the bus.

To read the full article and see Hreha’s reasoning for each point, click here.

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An innovative new approach to open homes, offered by a Palmerston North real estate company, pairs Google’s 3D goggles with virtual tour software to make open home viewing an almost real-life experience for home buyers. The VR technology is new to the real estate market with huge potential.