Skilitics is the company behind an international award-winning cloud-based training development solution and analytics engine for enterprises, designed to reform corporate training.

Skilitics Interact is the core development tool in a cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS) which allows trainers to quickly and easily build, track and maintain highly engaging, sophisticated and effective consequence based learning for soft skills, decision making and problem solving.  Interact returns training to the way humans learn best: from experiencing the consequences of our actions and decisions. Interact allows learners to rehearse realistic situations to improve their knowledge and skills within a safe environment.

Skilitics Thrive is a cloud-based analytics tool that captures and reports the real results of clients’ learning.  Thrive provides the entire organization, from the training department and stakeholders to HR and IT, with a tool to assess the impact learning is having across the business. From fundamental results and outcomes, to workforce development, ROI assessment, content analysis and logistical reporting.

Cloud, training development, learning systems, simulation, health & safety, analytics, workforce development, ROI assessment, content analysis, logistical reporting.


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