Wil McLellan

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Vision & Strategy at EPIC Innovation

Co-Founder and Director of EPIC Christchurch

Eisenhower Fellow

Wil’s success leading businesses development for large IT corporates in the UK and New Zealand, gave him the appreciation of the value of empowered collaborative teams working closely with clients on large projects. His work helping companies such as CerebralFix progress from startups to winning international contracts with global entertainment companies leveraged that corporate background and added entrepreneurial experience.
His work co-founding the Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus (EPIC) with Colin Andersen has now presented the opportunity to work with a vast array of global entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s, international corporations and Governments.
Mobile: +64210674134


“Innovation and building business networks are driving passions of mine. The technology industry provides the opportunity to work with exciting companies developing new products and services which have the ability to make real positive impact to our lives.
EPIC represents an unprecedented opportunity for New Zealand to embrace innovation and true collaboration as we work with leaders in this space from around the world. EPIC has become a flagship for making partnerships work for real: the collaborative environment, the complimentary but different companies working together and the support of Entrepreneurs, Industry, Government and Financial institutions. It’s up to us to build upon what has been created to establish international partnerships that benefit everyone involved.”

Colin Andersen

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Governance & Management at EPIC Innovation

Co-Founder and Chairman at EPIC Christchurch

Managing Director at Effectus Ltd

Colin has 26 years of experience in corporate & IT management, software development and data management. Colin has extensive work experience across NZ and Australia in energy, health, IT, education, local Government and agriculture sectors. Prior to founding his current company Effectus in 2007 Colin was founder and CEO of SQL Services Ltd, responsible for growing it into an international database services company and completing a successful sale.

Mobile: +64 21 224 1900


“The idea for EPIC came about because we observed a lot of displaced companies that needed office space and wanted to stay in the CBD. We could have been up and running six months earlier if we’d gone elsewhere. We saw this as an opportunity to contribute towards the rebuild, to help create a reason for people to stay in the city and build some positive energy & vision. It is fantastic to see this vision becoming a reality”

Henry Lane

Executive Director of Global Networks at EPIC Innovation

Global Coordinator at EPIC Christchurch

Managing Director at Corvecto, President of Business Development at CerebralFix Ltd

Henry has been responsible for creating, establishing and evolving strong partnerships with the world’s top-tier entertainment companies such as Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Hasbro and many more. He now runs his own organisation Corvecto focused on developing professional virtual and augmented reality solutions for Fortune 500s.



 “…in this particular environment, when you’ve got people around you catering to roles similar to your own, to then be able to learn off one another and share that information – your rivals actually become one of your greatest assets in terms of tackling the rest of the world…”

Sam Ragnarsson

Executive Director of Community Development at EPIC Innovation

Senior Consultant at Effectus Ltd

Sam has over two decades of experience within the IT industry, ranging from corporate ERP implementation, testing of software/games and setting up agile teams, to running his own software development companies. Additionally he has worked on multitudes of business analysis and process improvement projects, on a career that has taken him around the world, including China, USA, Australia and several countries in Europe.
Three years ago Sam moved to Christchurch to settle down with his wife and two young daughters. He works as Senior Consultant at Effectus Ltd and is one of the organisers of Startup Weekend Christchurch. He is also an active member of the Business Mentor Network and is involved in some exciting startups in the Christchurch area.

Mobile: +64 21 88 5623