“EPIC gives Christchurch and New Zealand an opportunity to establish an innovation hub where leading high-growth resources and facilities will live together. Colin Andersen and Wil McLellan are to be commended for their leadership in this initiative. It will create opportunities for valuable commercial collaboration between science and businesses within EPIC.”

– Hon Steven Joyce, Minister for Economic Development and Science and Innovation


Innovation is a major driver of economic growth in Canterbury, helping create high value jobs, pay for local services and raise our region’s quality of life. Innovation-based firms will be a crucial part of the region’s recovery from the earthquakes.


What is EPIC?

The EPIC (Sanctuary) building was an early disaster recovery project, established to house local Canterbury businesses displaced by the crippling 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

The first commercial venture back into the red zone following the Restart Mall, EPIC now has 20 ICT / high-tech focused companies under its roof, between 250 and 300 FTEs engaging in active collaboration with each other around the building every day.

EPIC Success

Since the building first opened in October 2012 EPIC has played host to hundreds of functions, public events take place every week, collaborative projects between tenants have leaped from the woodwork in all directions, we have tenants who’ve reported revenue 100% ahead of years prior to moving into EPIC, some even experiencing as much as 400% growth.

Visitors have arrived from all corners of the globe – Google, The World Bank, Silicon Valley Investors, the US and Japanese embassy, the UK Prime Ministers office to name but a few.

The EPIC Vision

With the help of both our partners and tenants EPIC has transformed from a creative post-earthquake shelter to a buzzing hive of collaborative energy and innovation.

So while EPIC continues to thrive we turn out attention to the global potential of this initiative, connecting with like-minded people and similarly operating technology parks and business hubs around the world to build an empowering network for all parties involved.

Who was behind EPIC?

EPIC would never have been possible without the help, support and sponsorship of multiple organisations both nationally and internationally. Google was instrumental in the design of the campus, Weta Workshop supplied most of the amazing artwork on display, local Christchurch firms like Duncan Cotterill and Warren and Mahoney each made contributions critical to the success of the campus.

For a full list of our sponsors visit our sponsor page here

You can find the creators of EPIC on our people page here

The Tenants

Over 80% of the tenants at EPIC have a heavy export focus for their business operations. While they all fall into the category of high-tech in one form or another, their diverse skill-sets range from web, game and software development services through to leading business consultants, financial services, training and research development.

You can find the full list of all the EPIC tenants here