14th March


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How to pitch to New Zealand investors

A recent study by Massey University Researcher Hattaf Ansari has found that a lot of startup entrepreneurs in this country aren’t pitching themselves well, possibly missing out of investment opportunities.

While there isn’t many examples for entrepreneurs, Kiwi investors are after greatly different things to the US counterparts.

Ansari has compiled a list of top tips to help you get your investment pitch right:

  • Don’t mimic American styles you see online. Kiwi investors are different.
  • Talk about international sales, even a long term ambition. The NZ market isn’t big enough to wow investors.
  • Include detailed financial plans. Local investors are more focused on the number than on vision and passion.
  • It’s not all about the first pitch. Kiwi investors prefer to take their time and build relationships.
  • Show off your experience and the experience of your team. Local investors like to see a track record.

To find out more about Ansari’s study, click here.

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