We’re a boutique yet international IT company. We’re proud of our people and our key software product. The latter’s called FileVision, and it makes life far more straightforward for those visionary organisations using it.

Our company – Fraame Healthcare, delivers innovative software solutions and services for many well-known government, healthcare, and community service organisations across New Zealand and Australia. We have offices in Christchurch, Auckland and Melbourne and support staff based in Sydney.

That’s because our key product FileVision does a lot of smart, unseen work. It makes the latest version of information accessible to the right people, wherever they are. It manages professional client relationships, providing timely reminders. It supports your staff into acting on their immediate obligations. It kick-starts work flows, billing, and compliance issues, making sure you haven’t forgotten the important stuff. It ensures you can make the decisions that matter.

Software Development, web development, Business consulting, design and development, technical support, user training, planning, configuration & installation


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