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Intellectual Property – How To Protect Your Business Idea And New Products…

Last updated: 24th February 2017

Many good ideas never create a successful business because the idea falls into the public domain and there is no benefit for the inventor. Some great ideas are launched only to attract threats of litigation from a large overseas company. Many good ideas are not protected at all but still succeed in the market.

What makes a good intellectual property strategy? How can a firm turn intangible assets into tangible ones? When should you seek to protect your idea and when should you just go for it? What types of protection are available to the entrepreneur and how much do they cost?

These questions and your own questions will be answered at this workshop with an experienced IP strategist. Find out what help is available for a person with a great idea.

ecentre business incubator & accelerator hosts this series of lunchtime events:

Expert speakers are chosen with knowledge and experience of the topic to provide insights and to answer questions. The purpose is to inform and support entrepreneurs, business founders and small business owners who are seeking to grow their business.

These sessions also introduce participants to the support available through ecentre investor club, Massey University, ATEED, Callaghan Innovation, local business associations and the Microsoft BizSpark Programme.

Spaces are limited so preference will be given to entrepreneurs exploring a business idea or who have recently started their own business.

Sessions are interactive and participants are encouraged to talk about their own business ideas or new ventures. As there will be opportunities for networking please bring your business cards.

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