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Coffee & Jam – Ministry of Awesome

Last updated: 10th August 2015

At this Coffee and Jam session, Margaret Pickering is pitching The Clockwork Assassin Game and Michelle Sharp is speaking about Kilmarnock Enterprises.

Ministry of Awesome exists to help people turn awesome ideas into reality, and one of the ways we do that is with our weekly Coffee & Jam event, to support and inspire start-ups.

Coffee & Jam is a place to share your ideas, seek and give feedback, learn stuff and connect with like-minded folk.

Hosted by Geoff Brash, at each one-hour Coffee & Jam session, you get:

  • one 6-minute business pitch followed by feedback and Q&A;
  • one entrepreneurially educational speaker who shares some wisdom and takes questions from the floor;
  • a bunch of friendly and clever people;
  • yummy Underground coffee, brought to us by Above the Line, as well as bread, jam and other delicious spreads.

Pitchers get FREE pitch coaching the week prior to their pitch.

Whether you’re a hardened entrepreneur, a wannabe, an office-jockey, or a postman, if you’re interested in finding out about cool ideas and businesses, as well as expanding your entrepreneurial skill set, Coffee & Jam is for you.

And if you have an idea you’d like to pitch, we’d love to hear from you! Please come and chat to us at Coffee & Jam or Contact Us via the website.

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