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Assessment,IT Maturity, Disaster Recovery Capability, Application, Service delivery, information security, data governance, infrastructure Lean IT, transactional lean, IT strategy development, Infrastructure architecture, disaster recovery, project governance framework, service delivery roadmap, data governance, business requirements, project management, tech evaluation, RFP management,

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SaaS business growth consulting, Technology strategy, Startup mentoring

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Latest Consulting & Business News and Events

Canterbury Software Cluster Event September 2015

1st Sep 2015

The evening will focus on cyber security. Our business presenter is Hilary Walton, a Senior Risk Advisor for Airways NZ and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Our technical speaker is Chris Campbell, Security and Operations Consultant for Jade Software Corporation.


Coffee & Jam – Ministry of Awesome

11th Aug 2015

Coffee & Jam is a place to share your ideas, seek and give feedback, learn stuff and connect with like-minded folk. At this Coffee and Jam session, Margaret Pickering is pitching The Clockwork Assassin Game and Michelle Sharp is speaking about Kilmarnock Enterprises.


BNZ Connect @ EPIC

23rd Apr 2015

Hear how to take advantage of the super computers you are already carrying around, disguised as mobile phones & tablets. Quickly learn how the smartest businesses are taking advantage of newer, more simple (dare I say fool proof?) technology to take back the reins on their businesses.