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2017 AmCham-DHL Express Success and Innovation Awards

The American Chamber of Commerce has launched the 2017 AmCham – DHL Express Success & Innovation Awards which celebrate business achievements between New Zealand and the United States.

The annual awards provide an opportunity to showcase those companies that have demonstrated imagination, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as honour and celebrate their achievements.

Entries are now open and the categories include:

  • Importer of the year from the uSA
  • Exporter of the year to the USA – under NZ$1m
  • Exporter of the year to the USA – NZ$1m – NZ$10m
  • Exporter of the year to the USA – over NZ$10m
  • Investor of the year to or from the USA
  • Contribution to tourism
  • Bilateral services award with the USA

If you think your Kiwi company fits into one of these categories, enter now.


Entry information can be found here http://www.amcham.co.nz/2017-Awards

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